His Amazing Designs


Snowflake Fact #1

Snow is Not White:  Snow is actually clear and colorless.

“The complex structure of snow crystals results in countless tiny surfaces from which visible light is efficiently reflected. What little sunlight is absorbed by snow is absorbed uniformly over the wavelengths of visible light thus giving snow its white appearance.” – National Snow and Ice Data Center

Snowflake Fact #2

All snowflakes are a combination of the number six for simple chemical reasons – they’re all variants of the water molecule. If you had a big magnifier and stepped outside with your children on a cold winter day to watch snow fall from the sky, here is what you might observe – six-sided hexagonal crystals, needles or flat six-sided crystals, and a wide variety of six-sided shapes.  Despite all snowflakes having six sides, not two snowflakes are exactly identical. Interesting that 6 is often the number that represents humanity in the Bible.

GLAM thoughts About this season

The glamorous beauty of winter has really been overwhelming to me this year. The decorations in stores and homes are so spectacular! Still, nothing can compare to the amazing creations of our loving Heavenly Father.

We were blessed to get to  spend a weekend at the mountains for our family Christmas get together again this year. Just enough snow fell during the first night to have some fun with my 5 year old grandson. Those few inches of white sparkly delight  were plenty to keep this southern California lady happy. I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed it quite so much if the work had outweighed the joys. As it was, I just got to sit and watch as they laughed and played and built a little snowman. The snow was so fresh it didn’t even want to stick to itself, it was beautiful. The trees and mountains were dusted in the glistening powder. Everywhere we looked was radiant and bright.

This hasn’t been an easy year, although there have been more difficult ones, I just wanted to share my thankfulness for His Glamorous Designs, especially the snowflakes. So intricate and individual, they remind me of each one of our souls. May this winter be a season where God’s Love And Mercy for each one of us shines brighter than ever before!


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