Through My Tears

view from my room

I’m sitting watching hummingbirds visit the flowers outside of the window in the room where I now live in my dear friend’s house. She and her family took my dog & I in when the bank finally decided to foreclose on my house. I had expected that, because the paperwork had been going on for years. What I hadn’t expected was the death of my 31 year old son on Valentine’s Day just 2 months prior to losing my house. Nothing in the world compares to this pain. He had just begun to get some hope for his life after struggling for many years. We were all so encouraged that he was in a loving relationship with a sweet girl he knew from childhood. Losing him so suddenly was a terrible shock. He was always so fun-loving and sweet.

Oregon Trip

Bryan pic for Tribute

Bryan's plaque
Although, I know the cause of death; the fact that God allowed it at his young age makes no sense to me whatsoever. I’m told by others who have lost a child that you never really recover from this type of grief. You simply learn to move forward.

I’m confident of only two things.

Number one, my son was a child of God, so I know he is in Paradise.

And number two God’s Love And Mercy never ceases.


Through my tears, I have seen God’s Love And Mercy in the kindness of friends & family. I believe that someday, according to Revelation 21:4, my Heavenly Father will wipe away all of these tears of disappointment & grief from my eyes. There will be no more death, no more grief or crying or pain. The old painful things from the corruption of this earthly life will disappear. I will hold my son and he will be smiling radiantly. I know he’ll have many things to tell me of his experiences in Heaven while he waited for me to finish running my race on this planet. I pray I finish well for the Glory of God.

Whatever you are going through in your life right now, I hope you can find peace in the never failing Love of God. GLAM – (God’s Love And Mercy) is abundant and free. Please take time to read more about getting your >>> Free Miracle Makeover <<<

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